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matthew + allison

You plan and plan your wedding day so that everything will be just right. Rarely in life does everything work out as we pictured or as we planned and hoped it would be; at least not completely. Wedding days are not the exception to this rule in life. The stress can bring out what’s in us and when we watch the first part of Matthew and Allison’s highlights, we see that they can find humor in a difficult task like trying to light a unity candle on a blustery day. This enhances their wedding story. It shows that no matter what life will try to throw at these two…they aren’t going to give up and say it doesn’t matter – they are going to keep on giving it their best. In the end, the light lives on inside of them anyway – and no amount of breeze can blow that out. These two were made for each other.

Here are the other professionals that Matthew and Allison chose to help bring their wedding day together:

Photographer: MAC Photography (Michelle Brewster)

Venue for getting ready and the reception: Wentworth by the Sea

Location for the ceremony: Great Island Common in New Castle, NH

Hair & Makeup: Bridal Vision Company (Betsy Dillon)

Florist: Jardiniere Flowers

Band: Redline

Cake: Jacques Pastries

Trolley: Regal Limo

Rings:  James Kanan Designs

Invitations & Place Settings: Mainely New Hampshire


Jimmy + Jennifer’s Castle in the Clouds Wedding

Jimmy and Jennifer’s gorgeous Castle in the Clouds wedding couldn’t have taken place on a more perfect day. They came up from New York so this was a destination wedding for both families. It had been many years since Nikki and I had been here. It’s obvious, even with all the activity this location receives, that there is great effort made to maintain the integrity of the castle and grounds. It looks exactly as it did years ago. The views from up there are simply amazing. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful picturesque locations all around us in New England. Enjoy this glimpse into Jennifer and Jimmy’s day!

The other professionals that made this day happen:

Photographer: Wendy Rollins Photography

DJ: Get Down Tonight

Cake: Jacques Pastries

Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Musicians: New England String Quartet

Officiant: George Jack – phone: 603-753-2071

Location: Castle in the Clouds

Beth + Kenny’s Stage Neck Inn Wedding

It’s hard to believe in all the time we’ve been filming weddings, that Beth and Kenny’s wedding was our first time at the Stage Neck Inn. If you’re looking for a picturesque Maine seacoast kind of wedding, this is an incredible choice. We loved getting to know Beth and Kenny and the love they have for their friends ,family and each other. We’re thrilled they get to relive their day and take in how much they are valued in the lives of the loved ones that surrounded and supported them.

One piece of feedback we get from our couples pretty consistently is that they are amazed at how much of their day they are seeing for the first time when they watch their film. They are seeing things from their guests’ perspective. They are also seeing reactions they missed from their guests because of where their head was at throughout the day. They are getting to hear the sounds of the day all over (nerves, vows, speeches, cheers) but in a way that they can fully take it all in and appreciate it. We know that those who opt to not have their wedding filmed (and there are still far too many of them), are not even thinking of these things. Why would they if the last wedding video they saw was something that looks like Uncle Charlie probably put together (no offense to Uncle Charlie…we know you did your best). It’s pretty easy to understand why one of the biggest regrets (usually THE biggest regret) when the day is done is that there IS  NO VIDEO. With all the time, effort, money, emotions, memories and faces gathered into one day – the costs far outweigh any savings a couple might feel momentarily that they have spared themselves. Many are surprised to hear that a good portion of our clients were NOT going to budget for a wedding film…until they saw one of our clips (through the fb feed, a bridal show, a recommendation from one of our former couples, from a photographer who loves working with us,  or an online search). So, if you are stalking our work (and we know that some of you do – thank you – we feel the love), then we would so appreciate it if you share our clips with someone you know who is getting married. More, so that they will not end up with regrets after their special day, than for them to end up choosing us to tell their story.

Here are the other professionals that we worked with that day to make Beth + Kenny’s day a reality:

Photographer: Once Like A Spark

Hair + Makeup: York Shears

Florist: F As In Flowers

DJ: DJ Chris Renn

Cake: Let Them Eat Cake

Andrea + Nate Wedding Highlights

While Bryan edited this wedding, I kept hearing random German phrases, namely “Ich liebe dich” [ɪck leeba deesh], which means, “I love you.” I love that he works from our home studio – and has lots of opportunities to say things like this to me. We love the challenges and exciting opportunities that each new venue brings to a wedding day. We often find ourselves in a completely new environment. This wedding, we found ourselves on the private estate of an art collector. They owned this renovated barn (where the reception took place) and a house that had been modeled after the style of a Frank Lloyd Wright home. They were gracious enough to allow this wedding to take place there, and it provided ample opportunity for us  to play the day away as we captured this wedding. Weddings are not, however, without their challenges. Unlike Photographers, we necessarily must come with no small amount of equipment. Sometimes we ask ourselves why we don’t just give it all up to become Photographers and make our lives (in some ways at least) easier. We remember, though, that we just couldn’t live with ourselves if we were at a wedding and weren’t capturing all of the sounds and the movement of the day. We believe in what we do – and are committed to the effort that it takes to bringing home the memories (filmed right) that will be crafted together for each couple. It’s a truly “organic” process (as Bryan sometimes says). It was very important to Andrea that all of her guests understood what was being said & felt included in the entire day, as 2 languages & 2 cultures were being brought together.  We kept this in mind as we told the story of their day.

Other professionals who helped make their day perfect:

Marissa + Tim’s Harrington Farm Wedding

When we met Marissa and her parents for the first time, there was so much warmth & laughter;  we felt like we already knew them. We parted knowing their wedding day would be filled with lots of that same joy. Tim and Marissa’s wedding was definitely a bright spot on our calendar for several reasons. It gave us the opportunity to work with one of our favorite photographers, Katie Hall Photography at the gorgeous Harrington Farm. Harrington Farm is an idyllic backdrop for a wedding story, and we were able to take advantage of several of the locales for  creative shots that they have right on the property. Their joy was contagious throughout the day up to the “Hitch” inspired dance at the end of the night. We are thrilled they get to revisit that joy throughout their life together.

Bryan + Nikki:)

The pros that helped make the magic happen:

Photographer: Katie Hall Photography

Hair + Makeup: Bella Capellie

Florist: Jeff French Floral Designs

DJ: DJ Greg Bedard

Cake: On the Rise Baking

Justice of the Peace: Justice Judy Nelson